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Custom Dolls, Part One!

Here are some samples of custom order dolls that customers have asked me to make so far that I’ve finished! (Yes, it’s been a very busy week.) Two dolls based on a customer; I believe he was going to give this to his girlfriend (awww); smaller 4 inch version doll is sporting a Cloud Strife […]


Order Your Own Custom Crochet Dolls!

Order Your Own Custom Crochet Dolls!

Christmas is coming, and once again I am opening up some make-your-own custom doll slots for the Christmas rush. <3 I wasn’t able to accommodate everyone who requested for custom dolls last year because 1.) too many people I couldn’t handle; 2.) people who requested for christmas gifts too late to reach them for Christmas. […]


Pop Crochet: The Last Unicorn Doll

Pop Crochet: The Last Unicorn Doll

Old classic animations are always awesome, although I have to admit, when I was asked to commission a Lady Amalthea doll from The Last Unicorn, I’d almost forgotten about that. That and Swan Lake was one of my favorite old classic animations.


Cowboy and Cowgirl Dolls

Just a very quick post to showcase some dolls that a friend has requested from me. I personally have no idea what a cowboy or a cowgirl looks like; I can imagine a general idea of one in my head, but nothing on any specific details. And googling resulted in so many different types of […]


Pop Crochet: Metroid Dolls

I’m back! And I come bearing gifts! Well, photos are still being processed, so I’ll post bits and pieces at a time of my Palawan trip. (which was rad, by the way. I’m as red as a lobster, and I ate a couple too. Also kissed a crocodile, but that’s another story.) So, here’s some […]


Custom Orders: Willy Wonka, Tavington, and a Pretty Turtle

Mostly custom orders being done for this week, all of which I wanted to finish before I tackle some of my other regular works. Here’s what I’ve finished! Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – Willy Wonka. Um yes. Well, it’s Johnny Depp at his most eccentric. The Patriot – Colonel Tavington. I love making these […]